Alexandria Hacivaz


In comes the coolest guy in town! He is athletic, elegant, just has that magical feeling where everywhere he goes he gets attention from all the ladies, everyone loves him, he does good deeds, saves cats from trees, dogs from the shelter and drives grandmas around to their doctors appointment. The perfect gentleman! That feeling when god shines down a bright light from the heavens and that angelical tune come on like “ oooooh”. This is Hacivaz. The fragrance that makes you feel god sent. Hercules has NOTHING on you! Crisp bergamot, tart pineapple, and alluring grapefruit take over your body growing your muscles instantly like a world champion body builder. The incandescent cedar, elegant woody notes and timeless oakmoss dress your body in the most luxurious tuxedo the world can provide. And finally the sensual jasmine and patchouli offer the greatest feeling of seduction to those that are lucky enough to get a whiff of you wherever you go. Too good to be true? Try it… You will not stop using this till its gone!

Our clients prefer Hacivaz 9/10 times more than Hacivat.

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