Alexandria L'Invasion


Smells like: MDCI's Invasion Barbare

Hands down the absolute epitome of Fougeres,
L'Invasion Invades your wardrobe (No pun intended)
with a cocktail of fresh and bright citrus notes of
Grapefruit and Bergamot. The top notes then blend in
a classic bed of Violet Leafs that only the best of
the best in Barbershop scents have, then showered in a mist
of lavander, musk and cardamom, giving this masterpiece
its lavashly beautiful body.

When drying down you get whiffs of sweet vanilla and
invigorating ginger that round off the rough edges of
the incredibly bright top notes.

If you are into clean, manly barbershop scents, then
look no more. L'Invasion is surely to impress you and
those around you with its captivating characteristics.

Also, If you enjoy MDCI's Invasion Barbare you will
definitely LOVE L'Invasion by Alexandria.