Maison Margiela Mutiny Eau De Parfum

Mutiny from Maison Margiela is the scent of a revolution. Not for nothing does this perfume have such an intense name. Because women's fragrances like this don't fit into any category, they are different, extravagant and not for beginners. With this eau de parfum spray, you can celebrate your own strength without being overly dominant. Confident, passionate, straightforward. A hint of saffron gives this eau de parfum spray an oriental spice that mysteriously floats around you and blends beautifully with the powdery floral nature of tuberose. Floral nuances meet delicious spices, creating an ambience of mysticism, adventure and pure passion. Mutiny from Maison Margiela celebrates femininity without belittling it. Powerful, strong ? like summer rain that allows fresh greenery to sprout and clears the world of all bad thoughts. Do you have the courage to wear Mutiny? Try it and you will see yourself and the world in a whole new light! Because this olfactory work of art is not just a fragrance, this creation is a statement, an attitude to life. Dynamic, powerful and challenging. Take up the challenge!