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Olympic Orchids Night Flyer

"Humans think of bats as elusive, mysterious, almost supernatural creatures, silently gliding through the interface between light and darkness. To experience the life of one of these night flyers, take a trip to the Cockpit Country of Jamaica, a crater-filled lunar landscape covered with lush jungle. The entrance to a cave in the hillside is shrouded day and night by a swirling fog, created when the warm air of the outside world meets the cold breath of the dark chambers beneath, with its scent of deep-reaching tree roots, moist earth, and dripping limestone walls. At dusk the bat wakes and flies on delicate, leathery wings through the stony labyrinth seeking the balmy air outside. It drinks from a stream, feasts on the wild jungle figs that grow on the hillside, and enjoys the ripe bananas and other soft fruit that grow in the cultivated clearings near the village. Fully satisfied, it makes its way back to its roost where it snuggles with its warm companions, grooms itself meticulously, and falls asleep again, lulled by the clean, sweet scent of musky fur." - Note from the brand This perfume is the original version of Bat, firstly launched by the house of Zoologist (nos discontinued)and it won an Art and Olfaction Award. Night Flyer was launched in 2020. The nose behind this fragrance is Ellen Covey.
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