Roja A Midsummer Dream Eau De Parfum

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In honour of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare s legacy, perfumer Roja Dove translated the beloved story of A Midsummer Night s Dream into the language of scent. With one breath, perfume has the ability to remove us from reality and transport us to a world of fantasy one where the enchanted woodland of Shakespeare s imagination is able to come to life. Notes of Patchouli, Oakmoss, Tree Moss and Vetiver stage the forest floor, whilst zesty Grapefruit blends with the liveliness of Cardamom and Pink Pepper to bring the whimsical spirit of the story to life. Titania, Queen of the Faeries, is written to have slept on a bed of Musk and Rose, which are both used in this potion, whilst the powdery balsamic tones of Carrot Seed blend with Orris and Musk to create an ethereal, dream-like state where fantasy and reality blur. Simply close your eyes and allow it to take you on a journey to a magical realm - ROJA DOVE
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