Simone Andreoli Sunplosion

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Sunplosion - Aloha State of Mind is a hymn to freedom, the vital energy of the sun, the desire to live and embrace life. What's more energetic and revitalizing than the Hawaiian sun, the scents, the sea and the enchanting beaches of those islands? Sunplosion is literally a Hawaiian "sunburst" but not only. Simone Andreoli wanted to enhance the extremely vital and positive character of this fragrance by subtitled it "Aloha State of Mind".

Aloha is the typical Hawaiian greeting, what Hawaiians will always do to welcome everyone they meet and always with a smile on their face. Aloha is a word full of meanings: it contains affection, love, peace, mercy, compassion. Simone Andreoli invites us to internalize the profound beauty of this word by translating it into a state of mind, into an attitude of our way of being and doing towards life.

Sunplosion by Simone Andreoli materializes the very idea of ‚Äã‚ÄãAloha State of Mind and does it in the most irresistible way possible. In Sunplosion there is the sun of Hawaii, there is the skin tanned by its rays, there is the sea of ‚Äã‚ÄãHawaii, there are the surfers who ride it, acrobats of the Pacific, the foaming waves, there is the Hawaiian fruit par excellence: Makha's Mango Excel.

The olfactory pyramid of Sunplosion releases endless freshness, joy, vitality, a unique harmony of notes of lime, guava, hibiscus, sandalwood, coconut water,... Sunplosion is an enveloping and overwhelming tropical fragrance, essential to bring the sun , the sea, the beaches but above all that aloha state of mind in everyday life, in each of us.

Top notes: lime
Heart notes: mango pulp, hibiscus, sandalwood
Base notes: guava, coconut water

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