Testament London Blind Date

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A thrilling walk through the empty, evocative streets at night with a high liking for a deep series of introspection. Shades of black quietly resting on buildings facades. An initial discharge of crisp Chinese grapefruit and striking juniper berries, all drenched in spicy saffron – you can literally hear it speak.
A crescendo of silent sounds transcribed into motivational behavior with intriguing violet and carnation colored facets, followed by an unexpected rose and leather Idylle. Vanilla and coconut slow down the pungent tempo. Go back to being innocent again. Be fearless. A raspberry smashed on the asphalt, but you carry on walking, spellbound, towards more allusive landscapes, along with sandalwood and vetiver hints.
The shock has never been more appealing and dressed in subliminal meanings. A self-taught lesson of discipline through chaos and gloom. You just empty a pocketful of tonka beans on the ground and move on, speechless, in the night. Black, grey, pale white, and red fraternize on nights canvas.
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