Testament London Longevity

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Manufacturer: Testament London
Playfully malicious and boozy notes of rum, cognac, and whiskey set the tone right for what is going to be a one of a kind experience, a night to remember.You have been spotted as the life of the party, so now you have to engage in the leading role and entertain.
Being as flamboyant as they come, everything comes naturally to you, a wizard of words and deep meanings, that stands up for ideas he creates and displays in front of an audience. A rugged tobacco accord signs in to pay tribute to the distinctive ground this gorgeous smell stands on.
Everything moulds in your head into beautiful poetry that has the power to move the crowd and articulate other people's thoughts. A synergy between white flowers, cinnamon, and incense provides an even more adequate context to the formula, a relatable transition into the sweet woody epilogue of sandalwood and vanilla. What usually took time to develop surrenders to the time being and the frenzy attitude of Longevity.
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