Xerjoff 40 Knots

40 Knots Perfume by Xerjoff, An essential part of the Join the Club Collection, 40 Knots is the signature fragrance of the yacht club and includes everything you need to breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air. Although the perfume’s ingredients are known only to the club’s exclusive members, a hint of woody and marine scents give outsiders a clue. It opens with faint wafts of old cedar and cashmere furniture polished with lemon and clove. The heart opens to a breath of the sea with ambergris and musk. Finally, the base expresses itself through linen, amber and sea salt. Enjoy the scents of a day at sea without leaving your home when you apply this 2012 perfume.

The perfume house of Xerjoff was created in 2003 to highlight Sergio Momo’s offerings of luxury perfumes. On the inside, these fragrances are known for the fine ingredients and clever mixes, while on the outside, collector’s edition bottles make elegant additions to any boudoir.
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