Zara Les Heures Passent (Into The Joyful)

90 ml remaining
Manufacturer: Zara
Les Heures Passent (Into The Joyful) by Zara is a fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Les Heures Passent (Into The Joyful) was launched in 2023. Eau de parfum. Notes of bergamot, ginger, and tonka bean live together in a bouquet full of facets, deftly interspersed with amber and musky undertones. Les Heures Passent smells of lemon and mandarin and in its wake, the footprint of a first summer love, happy and luminous. Smelling notes: bergamot, ginger, tonka bean. Medium intensity. A fresh, stable, and long-lasting fragrance that is reminiscent of being near the sea